Spring Break

Has been pretty great so far! 

On Monday my best friend and I took Arlo, and just Arlo, to the LAMAC museum in Los Angles where I finally got to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit and Arlo got to devour a giant cheeseburger in a cute cafe and paint freely in a big white open room lined with hundreds of junior art submissions and fancy painting tools. We had so much fun.

Today we joined our friends for a simple picnic at the little cheese & wine stop down the street from our house where I tested out my new camera (yes, today was the day!) for the first time, and felt a tad overwhelmed at suddenly having so many options to work with, and, one more thing I now need to babysit* Turns out I've got lots of learning to do, but I'm happy to have a good, solid camera in my hands. Feels like a nice big sturdy adult camera I've been dreaming about for years. And hopefully one I'll keep for many more down the line. 

As for the rest of the week, we'll be taking a little break - working on some business deals that might include having some of our furniture hanging out in some cool little shops in Orange County, as well as seeing Mike's band play at a beer garden in a neighboring city, catching up on laundry, baseball practice, friends, movies, and possibly, if the weather permits, this year's first trip to the beach. All camera worthy events. All cheap. And just daring enough for me to fully embrace with three boys six & under.  

*it occurred to me how fragile this camera is when - while trying to snap an adorable shot of Leon  pushing Rex in a shopping cart at the fruit stand - they quickly teetered upon a small dip which pushed the cart backwards, knocking Leon to the ground, trapped beneath! In the midst of trying to break the "could have been a very awful spill" I was also doing my best to shield the glass lens of the giant camera hanging round my neck headed straight for the metal handbar, making me suddenly resentful of the fact that I now have one more thing in my life I need to "protect" on these types of outings. Not the little point & shoot I've tossed carelessly in beach bags all my life. But the pictures, I suppose, make up for it?

To Spring, and all the cheap sunny outdoor getaways we can possibly manage in 2 weeks.