Obsessing: Parenthood on Netflix. By far the most realistic show I've seen based on the complex dynamics involved with a big (close knit) family. Plus, the show is set in Berkeley and the soundtrack is really, really good. Still cannot believe I waited this long to watch.

Reading: (finally) Patti Smith's Just Kids. I know. It's the best. She's the best.

Loving: The idea of a big galvanized tub for backyard swimming this summer. I've seen them popping up all over the parenting blogs and keep thinking, gosh we've got to get us one of those!

Excited: To find our shop featured on Twiggy & Lou this week alongside all the other neat little shops unearthed on this blog on a weekly basis. 

Determined: To finish up the painting going on in this house before the month is up (although painting, with Rex is the house, is far more trying than I can possibly explain)

Delighted: To see that this exhibit made it to L.A and will be there long enough for me to make my way over. Can't wait.