Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dollar Deals

New blog feature

Seeing that I am a total sucker for a dollar deal (who isn't, right?) - I thought it might be fun to start sharing some of the little treasures & trinkets I find on a buck. Beginning with a few of the Easter fillers I snagged this month during our basket hunt preparations. 

1. linen tea towels // 99 cent store
2. wood clipboard // target dollar bin
3. little wood bird houses // michael's
4. striped knit beanie // target dollar bin
5. tiny baby succulent // home depot weekday sales
6. sunglasses // 99 cent store
7. wood paintable alligator // 99 cent store
8. three pack wood hanger set // 99 cent store 


  1. AHH - love what you can get for a dollar. In Denmark the dollar stores give you exactly that - things I'd pay a dollar to be rid of actually ha ha. Love the little birdhouses - so cute. Have a great day Jessica,

  2. nice! i have the same glasses in black from the dollar tree. that store is pretty cool. i've only been once, i thought it was the same as the 99 cent store but it isn't. they have tons of gift wrapping supplies and loads of other stuff. i also have a couple of those bird houses from michael's. like you, i saw them and said, "wow. only a buck? i'll take em!" i like the tea towels, great score :D

  3. I love how all your finds fit into this wonderful color palette you've got going!

  4. What the heck? I need to go shopping with you! Love the bird houses and the mini succulent. Great finds!

  5. Wood hangars for 99 cents? Show me your ways!

  6. ok so i can't wait to follow this series. one your pictures are fantastic and two you really found that all for a buck?

  7. Jaclyn - thank you much! And yes, I totally did! All on a dollar. Think it's going to be a fun series because I'm a cheapskate and now I get to make it look like an art :)

  8. Wow I'm impressed! I can't find anything for a single dollar and I do love a bargain. If I had to do this series it would read "one lemon... and yeah that's all I bought this week for less than a buck"! Looking forward to seeing your finds.

  9. What amazing finds for $1!!@ I love this. Glad you found my blog because now I found yours ;)