Back to the Grind

It has been a long five days battling an awful head cold that seemed to sneak up on me in the midst of one very hectic week where I was trying desperately to pass it off as allergies. Until finally, it became so bad, I was forced to surrender myself completely, laying in bed for two days watching the house, our routine, the laundry, all the order of our days fall to pieces because I couldn't keep up, and Mike is far busier than normal with his real job and the ETSY stuff. Feverish dreams danced around my aching head - I dreamt we were trying to pack this big loud family back into our tiny old house (only, in the dream it was even smaller!) I dreamt ants were crawling around my bed, and rain leaking from our roof. To make matters worse, I (as mothers often will) started to entertain dark visions of what would become of this family if - God forbid - something were to happen to me. Would the laundry burry them entirely? Would they be fed? Would the baby be wandering the streets in a damp diaper in search of peanut butter sandwiches? Would Arlo finish the last of his site words?!
Too much.

Then suddenly. The fever breaks and you realize that hey, it's going to be OK. That it's just a big mess. That the house will be clean again. Breakfast routines and school work will regain. And that even though it felt like a nightmare lying in a dark room listening to a pack of wild boys be left (to some degree) to their own devices, that you also heard brief fits of hysterical laughter, and the three of them working the arguments out themselves. Sure they emptied boxes of cereal around the loft and ate God knows what while you fell in and out of that sick slumber, but they made it. We all did. And today, just like always, we will be sitting on the front porch with PJ & J sandwiches, after a long afternoon nap, watching the curb, waiting anxiously for Arlo to return from school so we can begin our weekend.
Back to the grind they say.

Happy Friday indeed.

In other news, we have a couple exciting things going on with our shop that I'll be sharing as soon as I get more details. In the meantime, enjoy your healthy selves this weekend.
I know I will.