Scenes From a Weekend // The Barn

This weekend, in between grocery shopping & laundry chores, Arlo and I dropped by a local flea market  deemed "The Barn,"on the very street I grew up on. Initially, I was expecting your average yard sale, shabby chic kind of cutesy vibe, but man was I wrong. The Barn was completely legit - loaded with so many charming details and carefully arranged vintage goods I was immediately sorry I didn't come more prepared. Old ceramic tubs filled with cold lemonade in floating mason jars, homemade jam stations, organic soaps, antique dresses hanging by clothes pins, and tons of really great, refreshingly unique vintage gems. The first day I went I happened to be near penniless (missing my wallet) and it hurt. The four dollars I did have tucked in my back pocket I spent on a beautiful sundress. The following day, when I got word they were opening again, I brought a friend (and my recovered wallet) and scored a great round bedside table for our room.  My friend, snagged a beautiful mustard colored chenille bedspread (that I totally regret walking away from!) The scores of gorgeous dish ware I fell in love with I had to force myself to set aside for next time. Next time being August, when The Barn will return.

Local residents, make the next summer sale. Even if you do somehow manage to escape empty handed, the perfect amount of whimsy in Tara Garcia's backyard barn is a sweet place to spend an hour of your afternoon regardless of what you walk away with.

 // My Picks //

I'll be there. With a bigger wallet and an empty trunk.
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