Thursday, May 10, 2012

House Habits // A Few Favorites

1. Mini accordion coat rack - which, in all honesty is quite a little mess (loose pegs, uneven shape,   sagging center, ect.) But still a lovely addition to our room. I like these so much I could have them at every corner, in every room. Etsy

2. Kilim pillow via a great sale on Etsy

3. Wire hung Staghorn (that we've yet to actually hang) via Home Depot

4. Handmade friendship bracelets via best friends.


  1. I remember making those friendship bracelets! It's been two decades but I feel like I actually might remember how... muscle memory :)

  2. I love that stag head fern! I was considering getting one, but am a little nervous about killing it. Also, LOVE that pillow. Gorgeous.

  3. oh i love these. id love each one to appear at my house. so simple but so lovely. :)
    peace & love!