Monday, May 28, 2012

Mad Men

So, last night's episode of Man Men left me completely speechless.  

*For those of you not watching, shame on you! Not only is it quite possibly one of the very best written shows that's ever been on TV, but the main man is the guy above. What's not to adore?) 

Last night it was the lingering hand kiss Don met Peggy's departure speech with, making me wonder if that 4 seconds was maybe the best scene I've yet to witness on Mad Men, ever. I mean, I could watch that again and again. What do you guys say? Up and till now, I was a bit skeptical of where the season was heading, but last night convinced me Matther Wiener is some kind of wicked genius. As if we didn't already know.


  1. Love mad men too - such a fantastic series:)
    But what has me spellbound to the telly is Game of Thrones - HBO production from medieval times- I love it.. So glued to the telly here and there - enjoy Jessica and have a great week,

  2. Oooh, Anya - I must check that out. I've heard great things about it.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. speechless. IN AWE. there are plenty of entertaining shows out there, but the Mad Men writing, subtlety and nuance are so far above any other show that i can remember. SO good. i had an ultra feminist neighbor that refused to watch it because she was under the impression that it glorified the misogyny of the times and, bless her heart, all i can do is hope she's changed her mind because everyone should be watching this show!!!

    ps, i love how don draper's character has done a 180 from total, ahem, dick to once again my favorite character. and joan. no words. the other night after my husband and i got done watching that episode, i just wanted to go get coffee in a diner and discuss it for hours :) :)

    1. it's so interesting to me when people have that perspective. if anything, i find that the show reminds us how far we (women) have come. it's a GOOD thing.

  4. gurrrrrl..... it brought MM right back where it needed to be. I actually watched it again last night. So many parts took me by surprise, Roger's utter lack of concern with what Joan was going to do, Don throwing money in Peggy's face (?!), Pete being a sniveling devil (ok, no surprise there). I watched a short interview after about the episode where Elisabeth Moss reveals that she wasn't aware that Jon Hamm was going to hold onto her hand and kiss it. It made her so emotional that all the tears were actually real. .... oh my. amazing show.