Scenes From a Weekend // A Desert Score

As long as I've known Mike he's had a rotation of old cars circulating our driveways. Cars that either sit in an ugly, debunked state too long for mine (and the neighbor's) liking, or that I fall in love with instantly and then he sells (The Clark Cortez, the 78 red Jeep?) Either way, we've all learned not to become too attached to these scores because eventually, they all go. 

The reason I was so bitter about having to drive to Palm Springs on a Friday during rush hour traffic this weekend to see this bus he came across on Craig's List that he swore would be an easy flip. A 72' Volkswagen camper bus nestled inside a tiny, surreal little mid century retirement community only the deep outskirts of the desert would keep. To my surprise, it was love, and it was instant. Something about a sun bleached old bus rolling along the highway that brings us back to a certain nostalgia for all things we know, or think we know and love about a 1970's California day dream. Cool, and free wheeling. Which is just what it feels like riding in it! 

I can't say how long we will have this one, or what his ultimate plans are, but for now we sure are enjoying eating our lunches in a parked bus at our drive way, as well as taking short drives to the park. All I'm hoping this time around, is that it sticks around long enough to make it to some beach bonfires, Right where it belongs.