Monday, May 14, 2012

Scenes From a Weekend // Mother's Day

Coffee & bagels with the boys, a long afternoon nap, a clean house, new chairs, an evening trip to the beach for a windy picnic of turkey sandwiches and fresh lemonade, a drive down the coast which found us (unexpectedly) at friend's house, where songs about dogs made us smile and corner hammocks felt like summer.

It was an overall nice, and relaxing Mother's Day. A sharp contrast to the day before, where everything we had "planned" on fell to pieces due to the unexpected: traffic, flat tires, Mike working overtime, late starts, cranky boys, ect. It was full of stress and anxiety over trying to make it all happen, so Sunday was a perfect end to a very full, faced paced weekend.

Hope you all had a great day full of love and rest.
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. MY GOD, you are gorgeous. I hope your Mother's Day was full of joy. Such a lovely family of boys.

  2. SUCH a perfect day - gorgeous :)

  3. Beautiful photos! It looks like a wonderful family weekend! <3

  4. You and your family are all beautiful! Those little guy glasses are killer. Sounds like a great mother's day.

  5. i feel like i'm right there with you! your eye captures such beautiful images. happy mother's day!

  6. I totally want to be there with you guys! You captured the time so well. So glad you made the best of the day and moved past the stress of the previous one! I hate when plans fall through! You look so lovely in that first picture. Seriously, you have the best hair.

  7. love that first picture! glad you ended up having a great mother's day :D