Scenes From a Weekend // The Great Garage Clear Out

This weekend we forced ourselves to get out and clear up the junk crowding our garage. Lately we've had a hard time keeping up with the organizational side of building. Furniture, teepees, bike fixes, you name it. With no real designated space in the garage available, our home was starting to look and feel more and more like a wood shop, or factory space. I have a hard enough time picking up after the boys and all their toys, and suddenly I sweeping saw dust, canvas scraps and putting drills away in the midst of my daily upkeep. It was an ugly mess of a project, but we opened up the space we needed and of course came across some forgotten gems from our kidless past - my old 50's rocket bike, records, Mexican blankets, clothing, and a wall of vintage amps we now have to figure out where to stack elsewhere. On the bright side, our backyard is finally coming along. With new grass, plants and a plastic kiddie pool - it's starting to feel like a fun place to spend our summer days at home. Still a ways to go, but this weekend was the first we spent out there and it was an absolute delight. 

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