Thursday, June 21, 2012

First of Summer

For years now this gal and this gal have talked about getting together for a proper celebration to welcome the start of summer, and this year, last minute, we finally did. In honor of summer solstice we set up shop in our backyard, making flower wreaths (which turned out rather beautifully for us first timers I must say) we took a dip in the pool down the street, made corn and black beans tacos, drank beer and listened to a variety of what we figured to be our favorite "summer songs." It was easy, low-key, just like we had hoped it would be.

It just so happened this group of girls make for an ideal vision of classic summer nymphs. 
Don't they look ready for a Shakespearian production of some sort?

And lastly, it was Ford who kept us entertained during dinner break with a little wind action and his mean guitar impressions. What a kid. 

Happy first of summer. May it be the very best yet.


  1. you all look so beautifully lovely. the summer is my most favorite and I was just saying that it deserves a welcome party.

  2. Awww I love this! How beautiful. Wow it has me pining for summer (we're still in the beginning of winter right now and I am already SO sick of it!).

  3. the bard himself would like be inspired by you gorgeous muses! summertime perfection right here. my own floral crown turned out much more dilapidated :)

    happy solstice, happy kids and camp outs and carefree days!

  4. Dang! I wanna live in your neighborhood!

  5. thanks again for great night! i hope to have many more fun times together before summer is over :D

  6. oh man, you girls look so lovely it brakes my heart not to be suddenly transported to sunny southern california.