A Family Photo

A couple weeks ago Kristin Rogers - the photographer we used for family photos a couple years back -
wrote asking to use our home (and us) in a shoot for an upcoming issue of  Off Switch magazine. A beautifully arranged publication that just recently went into 100% print, requested she contribute a photography feature to accompany the short story included in an upcoming issue. Despite the initial hesitation that arises while considering opening your home to such an occasion, feeling like the house isn't "done" or "clean enough" coupled with: "well we're really bad models" - we ultimately decided it was an altogether fun offer, and were quite happy to oblige. Happy we did. Not only did we have a ton of laughs hanging out, catching up and snapping photos, but as dusk approached we all hoped into the bus for a wobbly drive around the corner, up the mountain where the hills peak, for a specific shot she had in mind, and were able to get this cute photo of us as a family on our way back down. For those of you who know my boys, or any boys this age for that matter, you can fully appreciate what a triumph this truly is.

Can't wait to see what she does with the rest!