San Simeon Escape

It was a last minute decision to tag along with this group - old friends gathered together to welcome our recently relocated London gal who visits this time every year, only Arlo and Abigail (cute sidekick and ex neighbor) in tow on a quick jaunt up north to San Simeon Ca to see Hearst Castle. Along the way we slipped in our fair share of off course sight seeing: plenty of wandering barren wheat fields and rest stop hiking trails which eventually gave way to lazy beachside picnics, late-night bon fires, Elephant Seal watching, and off highway shopping strips. We ate fresh tomato basil soup at the Quack & Bush Cafe, sipped hot chocolate at the San Simeon Lodge, swam till the sun went down, and shared enormous sandwiches and fancy beers at the wine & bread shop at the bottom of the hill after an exhausting afternoon spent touring that insanely beautiful castle. It was a perfect escape. And so nice to spend a few days with just Arlo. Sometimes I forget how much fun we have when it's just us two (or three) Our household is so loud and chaotic most of the time, we are prone to get lost in the routine of trying to keep everything together so it was great to slow down for a bit, enjoy our friends, enjoy our play, spin the hours as we please, and leave with some of the very best memories a boy (and his mom) could possibly ask for.

 Summer, it seems, has officially begun.