Desert Day

This week we somehow managed to squeeze in all kinds of delightful little daycations (the reason for my lack of blog posts) The beach, a theme park, For Arlo: a first trip to Sea World, and my very favorite: a long day in the desert. Joshua Tree, where we joined some friends for lunch. Wandered around thrift shops, and over a newly purchased homestead. Where skies were bluer than anything I've ever known, and the temperatures, downright brutal. Didn't seem to bother the boys though. Arlo skipped about the open land unfazed by the sweltering heat, scoping out heaps of rusted metal, shirtless, clad in moon boots (to help ward off rattle snakes, apparently) and a trucker cap, bringing to mind all kinds of quirky indie movie visions of peculiar desert folk roaming around lost lands in movies that I cannot, for some reason or another, rightly recall.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day. Our hostess shared wholesome (hand picked) snacks, we looked through piles of art, built forts, uncovered aged treasures in the sand - mostly bottles and rocks - Examined dead camel spiders (yuck!) and slowed down enough to enjoy fruit pops on the door step in the shade.

Not much has to be said of this place. Pictures only hint at how magical it really is. But hopefully in later days, the memories that have been etched into those little heads of theirs, will figure out how exactly to match the magic.