Food and Friends

The past couple weeks or so we have spent visiting with friends, and having friends visit us. Lots of backyard snacking, iced coffees, shopping, and cold beer. Yesterday, we squeezed in a visit to my good friend's new apartment while dropping off some shop orders in L.A. We ate at Millie's in Silver Lake (which, was delicious, but tested the limits of three very exhausted little boys. And proved, that in spite of enormous burgers and quarter machine candy treats, dining out, at this point anyway, is still usually more work than it's worth) But sometimes we like to remind ourselves of the fact.  

Today we are packing up and heading out, back down to the beach for our regular stint on the sand for the holiday tomorrow. Come nap time I will be busily slicing watermelon and gathering all the fixing for a simple bbq. I love the 4th of July. I look forward to it all year long and can't believe it's already here again. Summer, slow it down a little, will 'ya?

Have a good one,