July 4th

Our Fourth of July holiday we celebrated once again at our favorite family beach (San Onofre St. Beach "old mans") where - as tradition goes - we camp wherever we possibly can the night before (be it campsite, friend's drive-ways, or, as this year's last minute choice landed us: Wallmart's harshly lit parking lot until the line for the beach opened at 4am) Yes, it was an experience, and probably not one we will be repeating anytime soon :)

Once in we were able to park alongside the beach gardens where heaps of exotic succulents and stag horn ferns are planted and maintained wildly around the surfer's showers. It was so beautiful. Like a little jungle hideaway we'd visit throughout the day.

As for food. We stuck to good ol' fashioned hot dogs and fruit. Both of which I had too much of. The kids ran wild and didn't seem the least bit bothered by the heavy clouds hanging over us. All in all it was another great holiday with friends. One of my favorite traditions by far.

What were you guys up to? Any annual traditions of your own for the 4th?

Footnote: this was Jack's very first camping trip and he was a perfectly behaved boy, which means he will in fact be joining us on many more RV adventures in the future.