Monday, July 9, 2012

scenes from a weekend

This weekend I got a nice little break, a relaxing afternoon over at the Temecula wineries with a few of my old high school friends. We lunched on the patio under misters, shared sangria pitchers and snacked on all kinds of amazing cheese platters and gourmet pizzas. It was so nice to get out and catch up with these girls. Now that each of our families have grown, dates like these are few and far between. Which means I appreciate the time we do get to share all the more.

Sunday it was all work and no play (for us anyway) The boys ran around naked, or half naked with a hose and Mike hired a kid (our adorable neighbor boy) to help turn out a higher volume of teepees and I stuck to laundry and grossly neglected bathroom duties. It was a productive day for sure. I just wish I would have taken a bottle of that delicious white wine home with me. I could have used that later in the evening. When I finally got to sit down.


  1. oy, i have not had one drink in 2012... i'm drooling! This fall I definitely need some good Cali wine recommendations lady.

  2. nice. wine, good food and friends and no kiddies...sounds like a winner!

  3. Is that Christy??? I so miss her- tell her hi for me :D Sounds like such a fun hang out (maybe just for the fact that that platter looks SO good! Time for dinner!