Monday, July 16, 2012

scenes from a weekend

Not much excitement around these corners this past weekend. Mostly cleaning, gardening, teepee making, breakfasting and netflixing. Bordering on "boring" I suppose - a word I usually scoff at when Arlo tosses it around on random summer days, sulking like a damp rag around the house when his neighbors friends are all missing. But it really was... Hopefully the rest of this week will make up for it. I've come to the conclusion that unless I make laundry a full time endeavor, it's never going to be "caught up," and so be it. At least we have the beach, the desert and the park in our weekly forecast to break up the routine of: "never ending housework"

Hello Monday.
Today we play catch up to make room for the fun ahead.

* highlights: fruit popcicles in the pool, loads of mail finally picked up at the post office (we lost our key) pretty flowers in milk jars, saturday breakfast at home (a rarity seeing that the boys usually go to bagels with dad) little treasure package from a great Instagram pal in Nashville, new plants for the backyard, King Leon. 


  1. i feel ya. never ending laundry-doing, dish-washing, floor-sweeping,.............

    throw a "simple" party into the mix, and forget about it. so, today, we're playin' catch-up too. :)

  2. sounds like a nice weekend to me.

  3. That popsicle looks so yummy! We have been bored (in a good way) for the past 4 days after returning from vacation... though I am kind of already tired of summer, we still have quite a lot of it left! So we are throwing a neighborhood popsicle party soon. Love all the neutrals in your photos. So soothing!

  4. I have finally learned to not let laundry consume my life, clean skivies for all and we are good enough. Life is too short. <3