Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Makes 11

As in grandchildren. On my family side.
This cute little guy being the newest member. My sister's boy, born last Friday.

Welcome to the world Gray Aurthur.
Your cousins promise you are in for a world of fun.


  1. soooo adorable, i am so addicted to newborns now! their purity and helplessness and that special look they have. little gray is absolutely precious and you get the urge looking at this photo to just bundle him and scoop him into your arms and kiss kiss kiss him!!! so happy for your family! how many of the 11 are boys?

  2. that is quite a lot of grandchildren!! oh my goodness he is so adorable! I can't even remember what holden was like when he was this tiny and it is kind of making me want to add another little one to our fam :) congratulations to your sister!

  3. Aw, he is so tiny! How wonderful! Congratulations, Auntie!

    Also, what a great name. Gray was going to be on our list, but "Gray Knight?" doesn't work so well. Like Stormy Knight or the like. Anyway, congrats on your new nephew!

  4. He's adorable! How fun for all the kids to have so many cousins. Congrats to Rachel!