back to school

So it turns out first graders care a great deal more about personal style than kindergartners do. At least that's what I concluded this time around, shopping for back to school stuff with Arlo. Suddenly he was hesitant about the tee shirts I picked or the socks I suggested. He wanted things a certain length, size, color, style. Oddly suspicious instead of easily acceptable. Wanting pieces that suited his own budding tastes and didn't look strictly "mom approved." For instance, I always pick classic stripes and solid shorts. He wanted brighter, bolder patterns and though it was a bit tough to adjust to at first,  I quickly started to see that this fresh interest in his clothing is not just a need to feel a part of the trends, but a bit of him coming into his own person. Confident in things he knows to be "Arlo,"instead of simply relying on mom to outfit his personality.

* However, I did manage to talk him out of a pair of God awful neon pants in trade for an giant icy - so I'm no saint. 

A few pieces we happily agreed on   >>---------------------->  >>---------------------->

Lunchkins pouches (used for markers and glue sticks)

Galilean Moon Tee
Target Navy Lunch Bag
Target geometric notebooks
Osk Kosh reversible tee
Old Navy ring neck tee
H & M day o' week socks 
US Map from the fabric store (wrapping paper section)
Faded Glory denim shirt (thrifted)
Scranton sketch notebooks for drawing
high top checkered Vans 
Classic navy slip ons
Kanken navy backpack