Wondering why summers these days need be so short? Back to school at the start of August? 

Considering the idea of enrolling Leon in preschool. Same one Arlo went to and we adore. He is very much attached and part of me thinks I would be pushing him into something he might not be ready for while another part says he might really flourish in a new enviornment filled with new faces & new spaces, separate from his brothers. To sing songs and make projects. And get along just fine without mommy for a couple hours a week. 

Worrying that Arlo is growing far too fast for my liking. 1st grade? Already. 
Full day? 
He's a big kid now. 

Obsessing over Friday Night Lights on Netflix. Great casting, top notch directing and overall superb portrayal of little town Texas appeal. Can't believe I'd never heard about this until last week when my friend mentioned how much she enjoyed it (though in all honesty, I would have had a hard time believing I might take to any show centered on high school kids and football fervor if in fact I did hear of it in the past) But man, it's really good. Currently my favorite way to unwind after the boys are asleep and the house is quiet.

Pushing myself to get more organized. Not happening easily. But everyday I wake up and think it must happen soon. So eventually, at some point, it will.

Hoping we get a date night soon. It's been a long, long, long long time. 

Hunting the perfect iced coffee recipe. I was handed tons of great ideas on instagram so I'll be testing those out soon. With temps settling in the 100s, iced coffee has become a way of life. 

Enjoying the new relationship evolving between Leon and Rex now that Arlo is away so much (with friends, at school, ect) Suddenly, instead of spending 75 percent of their time trying to outmatch or injure each other, I stumble upon them having the cutest late night conversations, planning their birthday parties, comparing songs, recounting their day, explaining things to one another. Sweetest thing ever. They still bicker and fight but the dynamics are changing and slowly but surely that 16 month age gap is starting to feel less like a burden and more like a blessing. Just liked I hoped, at some point down the road, it might. 

Thinking if I could get to bed a little earlier, I might have a better chance at getting a heck of a lot more done. But then again, it's 10:30 now, and I am nowhere close to turning the lights out on laundry, emails and netflix. And the dog needs to be fed.