Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scenes From a Weekend // baby shower

Sunday was my sister's shower at my mom's house. A small celebration to welcome her second baby, a boy who's yet to be named, and due in September. Unfortunately I failed to properly charge my camera beforehand so it died just after setting up. The only pictures I have are pre party, meaning I missed all the adorable little girls spinning around in their party dresses and the hand knit baby clothes made by grandmas and great grandmas. It was a great gathering, minus any kind of baby games, in which we were able to fully enjoy the company and sit and talk rather than follow any specific agenda. I'm not a big fan of games in general. So it was a relief to me.

Next, party planning turns to Leon's big 4th birthday party blow out next month. It is all he's been talking about for the past 9 months, inviting everyone he comes in contact with to it, so it will be a big deal. Just like he's hoped. And then it's the holidays, and more birthdays. It doesn't stop. I suppose I should just come to accept that with as big as our (and our extended families) are.

That's ok. Parties are fun.


  1. it looks like it was a lovely party. you and rachel look beautiful! how exciting to have a new nephew on the way. i can't help but get a wee jealous of nieces and nephews since i will never have any :( oh well, i guess i have enough of my own kiddies ;D

  2. the party looks perfect! i'm anti-game as well ;) congrats to your sister! & can't wait to see all the pictures from and read about Leon's big day! :)

  3. Aw, how great! Your poor sister being pregnant in that heat. I was pregnant with all three of my guys in the hot summer-- it can be pretty rough.

    Also, you always look so beautiful. I'm having some major hair-envy. Big surprise there.

  4. Just breaking my no blogs and no blog comments in a year streak to say you're so damn beautiful. Seriously. I love your face. In a completely weird and inappropriate way. No, not really. I'm normal. *twitch*