Scenes From a Weekend

This weekend was kind of a bust. A big summer storm moved in while the heat stayed well into the 100s so it was pretty miserable out doors. We napped, cleaned, watched movies and had bagels in the park once the weather cooled. All in all it was the closest to "bored" I've been all summer. Sunday Mike woke early and spent the entire day assembling the new version teepees (changes being a thicker, water proof canvas with grommet holes and rope lacing the neck instead of hand stitching) a scene that has in fact defined our summer. Which is great. Except when you've been cooped up in the house all week long and are desperate to get out and see people, or a movie. Which we did. Finally. Moonrise Kingdom, and it was just as incredible as I had heard. Pure bliss to escape for a couple hours, have dinner out and get lost in a dark room with a cranking air conditioner and a dreamy film. Loose sight of the teepee production, the grocery list, the awful invasion of ants crawling around the house, the electric bill, and the stack of back to school forms that need to be filled & returned sooner than seems fair. For two hours it was nice to think about nothing at all. And boy do I wish it could happen more.

Today it's back to the grind. Homework, dinner, emails, preparing Leon for his first day of preschool, and planning for a hectic but festive weekend ahead.

The ebb and flow of suburban living.