Yesterday Leon turned four. A milestone he's been anticipating for months. Because he is having a full blown party - a party that he planned entirely, inviting everyone from the del taco drive through cashier, to the custodian at Arlo's school - at the end of the month, we kept the celebration to a minimal. Candles in Reece's cups for breakfast and later cupcakes in the afternoon at school with Grandma, his cousin and Rex. He was so excited to be "King for a Day" at preschool. We sat in and watched them sing songs and give thanks in prayer for their special treats. It was so neat to watch him interact as a student, and a leader there in a setting otherwise unknown to us. We are so proud of our boy. He has always been an incredibly sweet, odd little baby, who's always done everything in his own time, in his own way. No matter what, he's always been his own person and I think everyone in his life admires that most about him.

He is my sweetest boy. He is my most polite boy. He is the funniest person I know without meaning to be. He is handsome and kind. He tells his pillow he loves it at night, and tells me I am pretty daily, and he looks up to his big brother more than Arlo will probably ever know.

And now, he is four.
And he is pretty darn happy about it.

Happy birthday Leon Thomas.
Party countdown starts now.