scenes from a weekend // labor day

We live on a good street. 

It's the kind of street where people look out for one another. Neighbors drop in to check on sick children, pass plates across the fence during late night bbqs, offer rides and coordinate carpools. Gladly lend eggs or whatever ingredients might be missing from the fridge during those last minute recipes we tend to come across mid week. They scold and encourage our children when the need it, teach them different things than they know at home. They host sleep overs and holiday parties. Pumpkin carve outs and Valentine bake dates. On weeknights, when the weather is warm and the sun sits low we all sit out on the curb and watch the kids play ball or chase each other around the culdesac on their scooters. Leon routinely professes his love to the tiny blond across the street, driving a pink monster truck with an attitude bigger than any four year old I've known, while Arlo challenges all the boys to race and Rex wrestles every gosh darn every dog on the block. 

It's a good street. Full of all kinds of people. From all kinds of places who genuinely care about the people they live alongside. And we are very lucky because of it. 

As tradition goes, every Labor Day we throw a big block party. Jumpers, music, food, beer pong and snow cones. This year we invited the Bovee's to join us for the party. It was a nice night. Full of laughter and chaos. Another successful gathering rooted in that old school "let's get stuff together for the kids" mentality. 

A simple notion that seems sadly lost on too many streets these days, wouldn't you say?

Hope your holiday was nice too.