Scenes from a weekend // Seven Oaks Resort

 Angelus (near lake arrowhead)

So our little bus made it up the mountain - It's very first trip since we bought it a few months back, and it did just fine. Exciting to think of all the new places it might go from here. Now that we know it's able and willing.

This weekend felt like a dream. These kinds of camp scenarios I imagined only existed in the backwoods of some far off, unmarked territories. Not the case, it turns out. Parked just above the river, nestled among a heap of shady pines with a big group of friends in honor of an end of summer wedding celebration we enjoyed some light rain, the boys fished and hiked until the storm took shape and the thunder set in. Leon hid (with tears) until it was through. After the ceremony it was music at the campfire, roasted marshmallows and wine.

A perfect way to properly christen the combi I'd say.

Can't wait to get back.