A Birthday

This sunday we finally celebrated Leon's 4th birthday with a big party at our home. Typically we tend to throw one giant first birthday party and then downsize the years thereafter, BUT this time Leon decided on a big party, and became downright obsessed with hosting a proper celebration - inviting everyone he's met in the past few months, picking out what he wanted for his friends and their goody bags, and talking about all the details non-stop to whomever would listen. Countless times I've heard him rushing to the window at 6am to call out and remind a neighbor about the party, reassuring them (and himself) that it was in fact still happening. 

Needless to say, it was a lot of people. Mike and I come from decent sized families, with lots of kids, so no matter what we do it involves a big group. I didn't have much time to snap quality shots like I had hoped, but I wanted to share the few that I do have because it really was a blast, a great day in honor of a great boy who is now officially a "kid." 

Now that it's over and done with we plan on taking it easy this month. Just a couple engagements and hopefully time to stock our shop before the holiday season hits us full force. A season that is sneaking up far faster than I care to readily admit. Fingers crossed we will be more organized this year.