Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Like You

I'm a sucker for election fervor. Always have been. This song in particular is one of my favorites in regards to dueling political bar spats and genius rhymes. Plus I have a little crush on Hayes Carll.


  1. A) I love this song.
    B) I have had me a crush on Hayes for a few years now. Those folksy men with the Texas voices... PHEW.
    C) You are my soul sister #1.

  2. Perfect!
    See who says we all can't get along. :)
    Love all my Repub peeps too.
    And Hayes............yummy.

  3. I always feel like we'd just get each other if we were to hang out for real. And now I know that we'd have fun watching the debates and all of that. I can't get enough!!!

    1. Oh I feel the same, Anne. In fact, I'm almost positive we'd be fast friends .

      Another great excuse to figure out a Portland vacation I suppose . . .