Funny how a three dollar pumpkin will lift your spirits. This week has been long one, with low points and somber moods. Particularly because of some sad news regarding beloved staff members at Arlo's school. In one week we've lost an extremely vibrant, outstanding principle (who was forced to resign suddenly due to rapidly ailing health issues) and then Arlo's chess teacher lost his wife unexpectedly on Monday night, leaving behind a very bright sweet six year old little girl whom Arlo constantly boasts to be the "nicest girl in class." These losses weigh on all of us. And naturally makes whatever minor irritations we have in our own lives feel rightfully trite in comparison.

In spite of low moods we decided to get out of the house yesterday and take a trip to Trader Joes to pick out our pumpkins. A simple lot with a surprisingly impressive mix and variety, all for 3 bucks. Arlo scoured the bins untill he found what he believed to be the "perfect pumpkin," Rex was quick to choose the weirdest, most misshapen one of the bunch and Leon, in typical Leon fashion, begged me to pick his, because apparently my opinion counts more than anything else.

Later we had dinner at home and watched the Charlie Brown pumpkin special - which I'm pretty sure I adore far more than any one of them. But, it's tradition.

As far as the lull in inspiration goes, I decided to stop over thinking things and simply post as I please. Easy as that.

In other news, it rained today. Making us think Fall is here to stay.

Thanks again for your words of encouragement. I do quite appreciate it.