This year I let the boys choose their own costumes. I did not try to bribe or persuade them in the least, like in recent years where Leon as Bob's Big Boy, Rex as a big yellow duck and Arlo as Harry Potter (and and Indian, and a robot before that) were more than 'slightly' influenced by mom. This year it was all them. I figured they are now at an age where they should be encouraged to pick something based on their current interests, which made it that much more enduring to see what they actually decided on. If you knew these boys, you'd know that each of these costumes reflects their personalities to a tee. 

As far as events go, we had so many. Maybe too many. . .

First up, the elementary school hosted their annual trunk -n- treat. We decked out the bus and stocked up on buckets, and buckets of candy, parked and ate burgers while passing out the goods. It was non stop and a lot of work but we ended up scoring first prize, not - I'm convinced - because of the stuffed flannel dummies slummed in the backseat or the floating skulls soaked in neon colored dry ice jugs bubbling over the sink, but more because of Tom Waits and the ever erie sounds of Bone Machine (our signature Halloween soundtrack) That, mixed with the towering grim reaper probably did the trick. Or that's my guess anyway.  

Our street also hosted it's own pumpkin carving party with sheets of big plastic lining the driveways and people armed with all kinds of fancy slicing tools and tracing patterns. Our crew kept it simple. Basic jack 'o lanterns is all I know. When we were through emptying the pumpkins we enjoyed pizza and decorated a cart filled with cupcakes. It was a nice night with neighbors and new friends. We are lucky in the way that holidays on this street are always a good time. 

The following day we had Leon's preschool festival. A darling carnival filled with all kinds of games and prizes a'plenty. The boys went home with bags full of their winnings and new costumes they won at the cake walk. In fact, Rex is sleeping in his power ranger one now. 

This afternoon was the tail end of it. I made it over to Arlo's class this for a couple hours to help with crafts, a party, and a very sweet parade around the school grounds. By far my favorite event of them all. 

Now the house is napping. Gearing up for the trick 'r treating that will cap the season. I'm exhausted. But my wolf makeup skills are sharp and my coffee is brewing, so I'll be ready.

Wishing everybody a fantastic Halloween spent with your own little ghouls.