Thursday, October 25, 2012

Remember When . . .

Leon up and decided, after finally accepting that his beloved Brobee costume was sold out, that he would just as well moonlight as a good 'ol fashioned circus clown, complete with a big red wig and oversized polka dotted bowtie that made us laugh hysterically when he put it on in that creepy, overpriced costume store where people started flocking around us to see what all the noise was about, and then stumbling upon the site of him (in that perfectly ridiculous wig) started laughing alongside of us, making everyone, including Leon, believe that this was in fact the very best choice he could possibly make?

Brobee who?


  1. Bottom left - cutest picture in the universe!

  2. I just love this little kiddo.

  3. Im seriously laughing out loud to this. He is adorable!!!!! Best costume goes to him.

  4. Too much. This is just too much! What in the world could be better than this?!!!

  5. LOVE these images - fantastic Leon :)
    Happy halloween Jessica and happy Sunday,