Scenes From a Weekend // Natural History Museum

The past weekend was a full one. Saturday we celebrated with friends and family at my sister's 30th birthday (a nice little house party) And Sunday we tagged along with my friend Courtney, her son, and her ever gracious "family pack" museum passes that allowed our entire group in for free. 

I must say, as much as I love these kinds of outings, taking all three boys in the past has proven a bit more than I bargained for so, to say the least, so I was entirely shocked to see that despite a few loud (cringe worthy) meltdowns, it was really kind of "OK." In fact, we made it through 5 hours roaming the grounds of the Natural History Museum in downtown L.A in pretty decent moods, the boys enjoyed a pumpkin patch & art booth, a pretty great T Rex theater production, lunch in the cafe, and plenty of those long incredible dark rooms with the stuffed animals glaring under those bright lit boxes posed in their natural habitat. My favorite. I could sit there all day. And for some reason, I always feel like I'm in the middle of a Wes Anderson film while doing. Obviously not a bad thing. 

As for the season, gosh it seems to be racing by. I feel like I can't quite keep up but then I remind myself that it's forever this way during this time of year. A constant battle to keep on top of it all, the crafts, the school stuff, the parties, the birthdays, holiday events, ect. Juggling calendar dates while trying to take it all in and enjoy these fleeting moments as a family. It's tough. And exciting. And well worth the extra stress.

And really, I can't wait for Halloween. 

EDIT:  Man, I'd be a fool to not mention that we just so happened to be there for the Shuttle's resting. It's going to be parked in a neighboring museum for the next five years I understand so we all got to see the Endeavor rolling in. It was bigger and better than I ever even imagined.