Around Here

We are soaking up these cooler evenings, making fires, and remembering our winter robes tucked in forgotten corners of our closet.

Taking turns filling the basket at the fireplace with wood from the piles in the driveway, setting the table and emptying the trash.

Making little turkey creations and singing little turkey songs.

Enjoying warm baths in the evening, and banana bread in the morning.

Writing Christmas lists and waiting on that elf on the shelf to make his way back into our home.

Playing handball on the neighbor's garage. Watching darker clouds roll in.

Playing pilgrims and cleaning up. Always cleaning up.

Reciting poems about America. Listening to Woody Guthrie in the afternoon, and counting dollars earned as new allowance on the weekends.

Reading, helping, playing, learning, exploring.

Tasting Fall and resting tired bones just after dark.

The days are shorter, but our hearts are full.

November is a good one.