Scenes From a Weekend // Birthday in L.A

This birthday I decided to spend with friends (some old, some new) seeing that I don't get nearly as much time to spend with them on a regular basis, in my regular life. It was a fun-filled weekend. That's for sure. Friday, exhausted by the week, Mike and I opted for dinner out and a movie at home. Saturday I was invited by some fancy blogger folk to my first ever Dwell home tour (which will be a post in itself later this week because it was amazing) bar with my brother later that night, and then Sunday I woke up and headed to L.A to join my best friend's family at a wine event where they were hosting their new wine brand "Blair Estate" It was a little tasting and some snacking on the gourmet food truck parked outside. A heavenly two hours in a beautiful old building in the city. Afterwards we met up with another old friend at Perch, which was incredible. The food was delicious and the view, totally breathtaking. I want to go back. Soon, but will have to pass on the 13$ beers next round. Sticking to cheap (er) domestic instead.

All in all it was a fun, full few days of celebration.

As of November tenth, I'm a bit older, and quite looking forward to what a brand new year has in store for me.

Thank you for your well-wishes.