Every year, for the past three years or so, I've made it a tradition to pick out one, or a few presents for myself, on my birthday (which is really still a week away) The reason behind it being: I have a hard time buying things for ME (when it doesn't directly involve the house or family anyway) without feeling guilty about it. I always figure someone else in the family needs something more important, and usually, most times they do. I rarely shop for shoes or clothing and when I do, it's random thrift picks or handmedowns from a friend's overstuffed closet (which I always adore)

This is why this time of year I look forward to picking out some things I've been eying or wanting for months.

The goods this round being: 

The Straw Purse I've been promising myself I would stumble upon at some point at the Goodwill but never did. In steps Etsy. 

Kinfolk Magazine 

THIS incredibly attractive sweater I feel head over heels in love with at first glance. 

* This landcamera was techincally a gift from a sweet friend on my last trip to the desert but I had been pining for one like this for ages so I wanted to share anyway.

The Ikea task lamp that seems to look perfect in every corner of every room, making it very difficult to station it's final "place" 

* I also splurged on a very fine leather camera strap but that won't be ready for awhile so I'll have to share it when it does. 

Happy Saturday!