Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Start of Christmas

Piece by piece we are readying the house for Christmas.

One box pulled from the attic this weekend ended up scattered in mostly mangled clumps around their room. Little shinny trees, old ornaments, and worn stuffed holiday animals atop the shelf, lights above their bed.

Saturday morning we will pull down the other boxes and pick out a tree. Hang the lights. Finish up the details and make some felt garland and paper decorations. My, well thought, hard worked creations stemming from the pages of pinterest, mixed with their quirky, organically born tree contributions; of which, always end up better anyway.

Hard to believe the big countdown starts tomorrow.


  1. Strategic foliage placement in the first photo ;)

  2. The tushy and the tree is just too cute. I must say that seeing how naked your house can stay as we near December does give me California envy. I am just beginning to think about Christmas, but I'm not quite there yet... waiting for some real snow :)

    xo Lilly

  3. Ha! I'm laughing at modernhaus's comment! What a cute little nudie!

    I'm so ready, but Andrew is making us wait another week or so for the tree... which makes sense, so it won't dry out. But I'm thinking on some garland myself... not sure yet, but it might involve some cut-up pages from an old falling-apart children's book!

  4. I have such a sense of guilt. Not ready to do the Christmas set-up. It's alot hader to do it all by yourself. I'm not wah wah it's just the truth. Broken knee single mom? You know what? I just thought of a great business ! Rent a man! Not for sexual pleasure, that could be under the table literally! But Rent a Man could and would be great to help get the tree, lights outside, tree in tree holder, then after holiday come back and undue and take tree out! And if these guys were good lookin the tips would be great ! Yes or no

    1. YES! I think it's a genius idea. Seriously! I should rent mine out :D