At the Table

Just recently our family graduated to meals at the dining room table. I know, that sounds silly, but this is big news around here. Prior to this, our dinners were rather broken up by mix-matched schedules and double highchair demands. Sometimes naps ran too long, sometimes traffic got in the way, sometimes it just felt like too much work to set up the table for such filthy little participants, but lately, we've made it a point to sit down and eat together at least twice a week. No matter how messy it gets. A solid success considering how crazy our schedules are at the moment. Arlo sets the table and everybody else helps clear it. As things settle down and the kids continue to become better familiar with basic table manners, I'm hoping it becomes more regular. We are also currently in the midst of finishing up a complete out door kitchen, which means summer meals will all take place in our backyard. Something we've been looking forward to for years.

In other news, we're gearing up for the last batch of teepee listings up for the Holiday and then planning to close down shop for a few weeks in order to stock up and replenish old (and new) furniture designs. I'm looking forward to a little break. I think we all are.

I'll also be sharing some of my favorite handmade gift ideas  very soon. I'm a bit behind schedule. But, that's typically the case.

Hope your mid-week is feeling good.