Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Morning

I am just now getting around to downloading photos from our Christmas morning after finally finding my camera charger - which was misplaced in the afterwreck of Holiday glee.

We had a very nice Christmas. Three boys and lots of toys. We woke very early to Arlo's squeals over discovering what he found under the tree and swore he would "never get!" - An ipod. And then it wasn't long before all boys were racing down the stairs and tearing into presents. Admiring new remote control helicopters, hoping on wobbly bikes, and dumping stockings and balancing bowling pins until we had to finally pull ourselves together in order to make it to Mike's grandma's house in time for their mid day celebration. Between both of our families it was a bit chaotic and downright stressful (as is to be expected) - seemed we were constantly late, or pressured to get somewhere quicker than felt humanly possible. We made it. Late, but there. However, falling victim to pockets of traffic along the way, we started to fantasized about taking one year off, getting a cabin somewhere and enjoying one Christmas to ourselves, to move along as we please, open gifts and rest throughout the day. The reality of that actually happening is a long shot, it's true. But it's nice to dream.

Hope you all had a very nice holiday.

Now who's ready for 2013?!


  1. i feel really lucky that our house is most central in my family (plus two of us siblings live here with our spouses) so everyone has to come to US! we used to travel on christmas eve to darin's grandma's house in the bay area but this year we didn't even do that. the pace was so much sweeter. i loved seeing your boys' glee with all their loot. hope you get to rest and enjoy some peace soon before it's all over. merriest everything to you guys!

  2. looks like a lovely BOY christmas! i have the same daydreams as you. we always have christmas morning at our house, because i demand those memories for myself. but then we always rush over to my husband's parents' house for christmas evening for christmas number two, and it's just a mess of presents that is so chaotic, i don't even really see what they are until we unpack them later... and then a three hour drive the next day to my parents' house for christmas number three (which i honestly love the very best of them all but the packing and laundry and driving after christmas in most likely the rain just puts me over the edge). i daydream of just us and just laying around and relaxing :)

  3. I am completely with you on this, family is wonderful and we're so lucky.... and then the holidays hit and we are just spread too thin and completely exhausted trying to get everywhere in a few day span. I really just want to have a quiet Christmas at home, but I'm also thinking going somewhere on a trip might be the only way to pull it off. At least there's a year before I have to deal again. Looks like a fun morning, happy new year!

    xox Lilly