Craft Habits // Brown Bagged Advent Calendar

For years I kept saying I would put together some kind of Advent Calendar for the boy's to enjoy as a fun Christmas countdown, but finally ended up settling on a clearanced wood tree box with 25 little tiny doors a couple years back, which sadly became infested with ants after Arlo decided it would be a good place to hide all his chip crumbs in after Christmas. It was too much to deal with. Ended up in the trash along with all the other discarded holiday junk, but this year I finally put together the simplest one I could think of. Hanging brown lunch bags (two sizes) with painted numbers on twine in the loft upstairs filled with cheap goods from mostly Michael's: small bags of "fools gold" bubble gum, Mexican jumping beans, new striped socks, foam bath capsules, rocks, miniature animals, and of course some name brand chocolate they are always overly thrilled by.

They are loving the idea of these daily treasures.
Makes me sorry I waited so long to make it part of our tradition.