In The Last Days of Christmas

baking cookies
or relaxing by the fire,

but, we ARE:

Re wrapping gifts that a two-year old decided to undo on a sprightly whim yesterday.

Hitting up flea markets just for fun.

Picking up broken ornaments we figured to finally be "safe" to hang this year.

Thanking the heavens for online shopping and boxes sitting conveniently at our door waiting to be wrapped, then unwrapped, then wrapped, only to be unwrapped (rightfully) on Christmas morning.

Making crafts at school.

Hearing Leon sign little drummer boy all hours of the day.

Loving new cool WINTER Weather and old coats.

Enjoying freshly cleaned windows (despite rain in our near future)

Preparing for one of our favorite nights of the year (our Annual Kraus Christmas Party)

Celebrating birthdays with bowling parties, and enjoying new scooter rides.

Listening to Chet Atkins holiday records.

Counting photo-books and wood cutting boards as our favorite "To Give" gifts of the season.

Cleaning up spilt hot chocolate on a daily basis.

Considering sending Happy New Year cards to make up for our first failed Christmas card distribution this year.

Regretting how much $$ we've thrown away at drive-through coffee houses this month because it seemed somehow vital to our survival on certain days.

And getting pretty excited for Christmas day. In spite of being nearly swallowed by such depressing world news.

Only 3 Days left? I can't believe it.