Scenes From a Weekend // Desert Flea

We don't need a fancy excuse for a day trip to the desert. Especially this time of year, when the air is so crisp and the landscape ripe.

Saturday morning we decided to drive into Joshua Tree to stop by the weekly flea market, have lunch and visit a friend. Our cute tag along is a pal of Arlo's who use to live on our street. They stayed in contact since the move, and remain the very sweetest of friends. I love watching them together, how they interact, how they figure stuff out. Last night she hung around outside the door while he sat in the tub, telling him knock knock jokes and writing him letters. Too cute.

As for flea finds, there weren't any. Not for us. We walked away empty handed - save for the pile of unique wood sticks we gathered and one big rock Arlo found and wholeheartedly believes to be "real gold" (I'm not so sure. But I'm not about to tell him that)

The rest of the afternoon we spent visiting with our friend at her new home she and her husband are renovating deep in the desert. The kids ran around her big open lot, rode a sled down a dirt mountain and snacked on toasted almonds. It was a nice lunch date. Everything about the day was nice. But the desert rarely disappoints.