Monday, December 3, 2012

Scenes From a Weekend // Tree Pick'n

We picked the first one we saw and liked tucked way back in the corner of the tree tent.
We usually do.


  1. such a beautiful family you've got. cheers to the season!

  2. Oh how i miss buying a christmas tree! It looks like a fun time with the family! I've moved around so much, hopefully next year will the the year to get a real tree! I've settle for a trendy white one this year!


  3. Your boys are adorable. And that VW bus is killer!

  4. So I just found your lovely blog and I have to say hi because my family had EXACTLY the same camper back in the mid-80's. Eventually its door fell off in a grocery store parking lot. That was funny. This was after a green 1971 camper that traveled from Alabama to Alaska. Sorry, now I'm rambling. Tell your kids not to poke holes in the back seat with a pencil, no matter how fun it is.

    1. whoa, that is amazing! You guys drove from Alabama to Alaska!? Impressive. We only take ours around town at this point. But I'd love to do some traveling, make the kind of memories you speak of :)

  5. Hey there - how are you doing sweets, it's been ages and I'm pleased to see everything looking great as always.
    Jessica love the images of your divine family and orange VW camper, happy festive season,