Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Thrift Picks

It's been quite awhile since I've dedicated a post to thrift picks. Due to the fact that these past few months  we've had little time to indulge in such adventures. But yesterday, on a whim, I took the boys and drove out of town to a giant Salvation Army hunkered right in the middle of nowhere (a spot I've visited only a handful of times but carried out bagfulls of goodies every time) and, as anticipated, scored once again.

The goods being:

- Rayon geometric button down
- Two pieces of ceramic pottery and matching mini mugs
- Tribal patterned skirt & kaki swing ankle length skirt (not pictured)
- Oversized cardigan
- Vintage boy's bathrobe / kimono 
- Brand new cherokee slips ons 

= 24.74

Sidenote: The desk/wall box pictured here are the latest pieces added to our etsy shop - which we had to change from "House of Habit" to "House Inhabit" to avoid confusion with another company by the same name.

In other news, we are really looking forward to a few exciting creative ventures on the horizon involving Mike's band (which you might be familiar with via some of Anne's posts) more shop additions, a nursery tour on the blog, stick art happenings, and an interview with one of my new favorite bloggers whom I can't wait to share with you guys.
Soon. All of it. I promise.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Arlo at the Races

Today was Arlo's school's annual Kindergarten Derby Day. A whole afternoon devoted to lessons in transportation. Custom license plates, personal driver's licenses and bubble/sponge car washes for homemade automobiles they raced around the playground.

We had a blast.
And who knew RVs could move so quick?

Monday, February 20, 2012


"I was a stay at home mom my whole life. 
 It went by so fast. I can't believe it. 
 Makes me sad to think how fast it went. 
They all grew up. Just like that. 
So fast..."

Anonymous woman at the pharmacist this past Friday.
A voice I've been playing over and over in my head all weekend long, knowing, someday I will feel the same. As well as offering an obvious answer as to why we're all addicted to funny little things like Instagram (yes, I am fully addicted) - trying to freeze all the best moments in life we know to pass in the blink of any eye.

If we can't pause them, to fully embrace just how incredible they are, at least we have a photo to remind us?

Tell me I'm not the only one.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As tradition goes, we spent another holiday in mad dash around town trying to finish Valentine cards, pick up last minute gifts and make it (on time) to Arlo's class where I was due as a mom helper for the party festivities in the afternoon. It was a typically hectic, messy event that had me swearing up and down "next year" would be different, that I would be fully prepared, totally organized and on top of it all.

Not likely.
I know.

Regardless, we got it all done. To top it off, Mike and I even landed a last minute dinner date at the bar where his band was playing in downtown Fullerton. We left the boys with grandma and got to enjoy chili cheese fries and turkey club sandwiches by candlelight with a couple new friends. It was perfect. Or, as close to "perfect" as we can possibly manage these days.

Hope your Valentine's were just as swell.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Stuck On:

Nikki Lane

Well today i found myself day dreaming 
Thinking I'd like to be a pioneer 
Maybe I'd head out west and find me something 
Or maybe even disappear

Nashville born & bred, this gal is a breath of fresh air for young country. 
Can't get this song out of my head. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Might be French.

I have to say, typically I have no interest in highlighting hot topic parenting trends here on the blog, or in life in general for that matter. To each their own, and so on. But with all the hype this new article is getting, I thought it might be fun to review. Especially seeing that I tend to agree with most everything Pamela Druckerman notes in regard to French parenting in excerpts from her book Bringing up Bebe, a literal delve into reasons French children appear more well adjusted, and less self involved than the mass of American babes we are raising. An article I was pleased to read simply because with all the new-age cycles of parental systems that fall in and out of popularity - some of which feel downright divisive by nature - I have always felt outside of, or slightly ashamed by our stripped down "old school" approach to raising kids. An unnamed philosophy we fell into after Arlo was born, where we sought to ensure our kids learn to inhabit a life environment we've created, and not vice versa. A mantra that does not seem all too popular among our current age group. Except, it seems, in France, where they apparently still openly defend the notion that all things "Adult" remain sacred in light of being a parent. That we make the rules, not our children, that we invest conscience effort to keep adult relationships flowing, personal hobbies flourishing, routines and interest in tact and a house that is not brimming from corner to corner with toys at every turn, to respect personal sleep rituals for both parents and children, and to draw significance in our roles as individuals as well as paternal guides.

Others examples I was mighty fond of include:

French Mama's are not afraid of a simple, stern NO in place of long drawn out negotiations between parent and child anytime a confrontation arises. Eating rituals involve three (table meals) and far less snacking in between. Children are given more freedom and autonomy from the start (I am a huge believer in this, instead of going out of your mind trying to baby proof your life, provide boundaries and trust your children will eventually adhere to them) Not allowing interruptions (when adults are talking, you wait your turn. Yes, I believe in this one too!) And lastly, teaching babies, from a young age, to find comfort in their personal sleep space. One of the best gifts I've given myself as a mother is training my boys, from infancy, to put themselves to sleep in their crib or bed during naps and bedtime. A ritual that not only helps keep our sleep solid, but hopefully teaches them to cope with being alone. Singing, or talking in a room by themselves where you might argue that imagination and overall autonomy is allowed to fully blossom. Or at least that's what I believe when I hear them counting sweetly or talking to shadows in the room.

Anyway, that is the very gist of a great article. Well worth the read if you have the time.

And if you are further interested, a fun Q & A with French mother's regarding the article here

In other news, it's raining today. Yay. Finally a taste of winter weather for us dropless Californians!
Happy Tuesday.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Best wishes to our baby boy on his second year. A family party, much more low key than last year's grand celebration took place over the weekend, at Grandma's house. This time all it took was a chocolate cake, boxed pizza and a big stuffed Mickey to make his day spectacular. The simple things...

Hello two!