Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's funny the things we come across that tap us on the shoulder and say "hey, pay attention to me. Be inspired. This will help you down the road" This record cover - everything about this cover - did it for me. I can't wait to share the outcome (when it's ready) because this entire endeavor will be based on this image.

Aside from a fresh does of inspiration:
We were super amped about the wicked rainstorm (complete with rolling thunder) that poured over us last night, as well as Arlo losing his first TWO teeth (he was the only one in his class who hadn't lost a tooth, so it's a big deal, you see) and the fact that we got to sit and watch our little shop find more than fair praise on television this morning! It's been a mighty good week.

Wish you all the same,


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When You Are Third Born

you have to share everything
and fight for what is yours,
even if it once belonged to someone else.

you hide tiny treasures under your pillow, between the cushions, in the planters
you stock your crib with all your favorite friends
bite your brother when he's mean
and then wait for mommy to properly scold once she sees
and she always sees.

you draw lots of wild pictures on the walls
and wait for mommy to scold you
even though this time you swear she should be proud

you find old candy in your brother's disregarded party bags
and eat them instantly
because if you don't
you know bigger hands will appear
begging for their share

and you have to share everything.
all of the time.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

House Inhabit on Martha!

Wanted to share the good news: 

Etsy PR informed us last week that House Inhabit is going to be featured on the Martha Stewart show this Thursday as part of their Etsy special! I'm not sure as to what this feature entails exactly, but they did request a background story as to why we started the teepees and a picture of our family so it sounds like it might be a big deal for our shop. Matthew Stinchcomb, Esty's European marketing director has been very good to us from the start. After he saw our teepee in their summer look book a couple months back he purchased one for his son and then arranged this Martha slot. We feel so grateful for all the support and success our shop has received in the 6 short months it's been open. Etsy is an incredible community to be part of. I can't praise enough the power it's handed to local artists with skills all across the board. The fact that you can now take your vision and craft (whatever it may be) and house your creations in a virtual shop around the world is kind of genius. I've been a stay at home mom for 6 years now, and as crazy hectic and chaotic as our home life is at the moment, this shop has been a saving grace. The best outlet for me as far as creative means (and business go) I am really looking forward to what our future in the site holds. 

The other exciting venture we have going is outfitting a local kid's shop with a big version of our boy's pipe shelving unit. It's a great space with tons of really neat kid's stuff. so it's right up our alley. Can't wait to share that project as it comes up!

As for the Martha Show: Seeing that Thursday is going to showcase all kinds of really amazing Etsy shops and artists, as well as offer up tips for setting up shop, selling and promoting, it should be a worth your DVR attention. If you're interested - tune in on the Hallmark Channel Thursday at 7am PT and 10am E.

Hope everyone is off to a great start this week!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scenes From a Weekend // The Barn

This weekend, in between grocery shopping & laundry chores, Arlo and I dropped by a local flea market  deemed "The Barn,"on the very street I grew up on. Initially, I was expecting your average yard sale, shabby chic kind of cutesy vibe, but man was I wrong. The Barn was completely legit - loaded with so many charming details and carefully arranged vintage goods I was immediately sorry I didn't come more prepared. Old ceramic tubs filled with cold lemonade in floating mason jars, homemade jam stations, organic soaps, antique dresses hanging by clothes pins, and tons of really great, refreshingly unique vintage gems. The first day I went I happened to be near penniless (missing my wallet) and it hurt. The four dollars I did have tucked in my back pocket I spent on a beautiful sundress. The following day, when I got word they were opening again, I brought a friend (and my recovered wallet) and scored a great round bedside table for our room.  My friend, snagged a beautiful mustard colored chenille bedspread (that I totally regret walking away from!) The scores of gorgeous dish ware I fell in love with I had to force myself to set aside for next time. Next time being August, when The Barn will return.

Local residents, make the next summer sale. Even if you do somehow manage to escape empty handed, the perfect amount of whimsy in Tara Garcia's backyard barn is a sweet place to spend an hour of your afternoon regardless of what you walk away with.

 // My Picks //

I'll be there. With a bigger wallet and an empty trunk.
More Info here

Dear CoMOd

Please stop making me believe there is something missing in my life.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Back to the Grind

It has been a long five days battling an awful head cold that seemed to sneak up on me in the midst of one very hectic week where I was trying desperately to pass it off as allergies. Until finally, it became so bad, I was forced to surrender myself completely, laying in bed for two days watching the house, our routine, the laundry, all the order of our days fall to pieces because I couldn't keep up, and Mike is far busier than normal with his real job and the ETSY stuff. Feverish dreams danced around my aching head - I dreamt we were trying to pack this big loud family back into our tiny old house (only, in the dream it was even smaller!) I dreamt ants were crawling around my bed, and rain leaking from our roof. To make matters worse, I (as mothers often will) started to entertain dark visions of what would become of this family if - God forbid - something were to happen to me. Would the laundry burry them entirely? Would they be fed? Would the baby be wandering the streets in a damp diaper in search of peanut butter sandwiches? Would Arlo finish the last of his site words?!
Too much.

Then suddenly. The fever breaks and you realize that hey, it's going to be OK. That it's just a big mess. That the house will be clean again. Breakfast routines and school work will regain. And that even though it felt like a nightmare lying in a dark room listening to a pack of wild boys be left (to some degree) to their own devices, that you also heard brief fits of hysterical laughter, and the three of them working the arguments out themselves. Sure they emptied boxes of cereal around the loft and ate God knows what while you fell in and out of that sick slumber, but they made it. We all did. And today, just like always, we will be sitting on the front porch with PJ & J sandwiches, after a long afternoon nap, watching the curb, waiting anxiously for Arlo to return from school so we can begin our weekend.
Back to the grind they say.

Happy Friday indeed.

In other news, we have a couple exciting things going on with our shop that I'll be sharing as soon as I get more details. In the meantime, enjoy your healthy selves this weekend.
I know I will.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some Days

You let the laundry go
Skip the dishes. Skip the bills
Shut off the computer
Quiet the house.
Forget about all the events crowding the calendar
Teeball, spring pictures, birthday parties, appointments, perscriptions.

Settle back into bed after they lay their own heads down
Read a book
Take a nap
Rest yourself.

It's a head cold.
No big deal.
It will pass
Order will regain.
Enjoy the break.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Book Report

>>>---------- I Want My Hat Back ----------->

By Jon Klassen

This book, a first as far as writing contributions go, for Jon Klassen, a Los Angeles based illustrator, tells the story of a big sad bear roaming the forest side, questioning animals, searching for his favorite hat he can't seem to locate anywhere. Lots of honest little animal folk admit they've yet to see it, and the bear is kind in helping each of them along the way in whatever plight they are involved in, but, keep an eye out for the sprightly little bunny who swears he's never seen it, reminding us, in the end, that lies can certainly get us into trouble.

Due to the downright adorable illustrations, and silly rabbit, we give it 3 thumbs up.

Happy Weekend!