Monday, July 30, 2012

Scenes From a Weekend

Our big weekend plans to head up to San Francisco with the Bordertown Saint's for their northern shows fell through when Mike ended up having to work. It was a trip we had both been looking forward to for months. Being stuck in town had us naturally feeling a little sorry for ourselves. To help ease the pain I headed down to L.A to visit with my friend Christina. We walked and shopped around Sliverlake, had dinner and drinks at Pete's downtown and breakfast at Millie's the following morning. The food was delicious and I came home with a couple sympathy trinkets but found myself still  mourning the loss of our much needed little get away. It's been a very hectic, slightly stressful summer. A little time "off" would do us all some good. 

Hopefully soon.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Holden On Baby

Little interview of mine today over at Holdenon Baby - Lauren's adorable mommy blog filled with all kinds of fun fashion tips and kiddie updates. And of course, one super cute baby boy.

Check it out if you have time!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Friends

This week we visited the home of our new friend Denise (whom I was recently connected with via Instagram) For those of you signed on, you surely recognize these barefooted roadtrip'n beauties from Bovee's gorgeous photo feed. Hazy California gold, right? Not only are these girls as enchanting in person but they are also good natured little hostesses. Pretty sure all of my boys are in love - which is nice seeing that we've already decided that arranged marriages need to make a come back so we can assure combined family vacations together in years to come.

Here's to making new friends.
To sweet girls with wind swept hair and adventure in their hearts.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Record

So, The Bordertown boys finally got it together and put out an album. Good old fashioned country music. Boys are mighty impressed and downright proud of their daddy.

Cruel Mistress might be my personal favorite:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Desert Day

This week we somehow managed to squeeze in all kinds of delightful little daycations (the reason for my lack of blog posts) The beach, a theme park, For Arlo: a first trip to Sea World, and my very favorite: a long day in the desert. Joshua Tree, where we joined some friends for lunch. Wandered around thrift shops, and over a newly purchased homestead. Where skies were bluer than anything I've ever known, and the temperatures, downright brutal. Didn't seem to bother the boys though. Arlo skipped about the open land unfazed by the sweltering heat, scoping out heaps of rusted metal, shirtless, clad in moon boots (to help ward off rattle snakes, apparently) and a trucker cap, bringing to mind all kinds of quirky indie movie visions of peculiar desert folk roaming around lost lands in movies that I cannot, for some reason or another, rightly recall.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day. Our hostess shared wholesome (hand picked) snacks, we looked through piles of art, built forts, uncovered aged treasures in the sand - mostly bottles and rocks - Examined dead camel spiders (yuck!) and slowed down enough to enjoy fruit pops on the door step in the shade.

Not much has to be said of this place. Pictures only hint at how magical it really is. But hopefully in later days, the memories that have been etched into those little heads of theirs, will figure out how exactly to match the magic.

Monday, July 16, 2012

scenes from a weekend

Not much excitement around these corners this past weekend. Mostly cleaning, gardening, teepee making, breakfasting and netflixing. Bordering on "boring" I suppose - a word I usually scoff at when Arlo tosses it around on random summer days, sulking like a damp rag around the house when his neighbors friends are all missing. But it really was... Hopefully the rest of this week will make up for it. I've come to the conclusion that unless I make laundry a full time endeavor, it's never going to be "caught up," and so be it. At least we have the beach, the desert and the park in our weekly forecast to break up the routine of: "never ending housework"

Hello Monday.
Today we play catch up to make room for the fun ahead.

* highlights: fruit popcicles in the pool, loads of mail finally picked up at the post office (we lost our key) pretty flowers in milk jars, saturday breakfast at home (a rarity seeing that the boys usually go to bagels with dad) little treasure package from a great Instagram pal in Nashville, new plants for the backyard, King Leon. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

SideWalk Style Salute

Michelle Williams // flawless. Always.

French Connections

Funny. Everytime I drop in to visit the lovely Ledansla I start:

+ wishing that I spoke French
+ regretting that I don't know understand how to marry pastels so effortlessly in my own home
+ wondering why the French have such ridiculously (impeccably) dressed children?
+ questioning how big that house of theirs actually is!
+ asking myself why I don't think of genius decisions like deflated balloons as decor?
+ pondering when in fact we are going to be friends...?

Seriously. if you haven't already discovered the beauty of her blog, do yourself a favor & get there. See if you find yourself asking some of the same questions :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friends from A Far

we have simple summer traditions. we go to the beach, we camp with the same group during the same month, and usually take one trip up north, near (or to) San Francisco. we also get the chance to spend time with old friends who come back this same time every year to visit former stomping grounds, Cali friends and family. this week it was Morgan and her cute little crew (including baby Hank) whom we met for the first time on Wednesday. it was a loud & happy reunion - all boys, amped and unbridled energy a 'plenty.

a great night on the edge of the ocean, with a blanket on the lawn.