Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Change of Heart // Yosemite Bound

We spent the past few days shacked up on the backside of the Yosemite mountains overlooking Walker Lake, in the most enchanting little log cabin you could possibly imagine. Part of a long standing private retreat established way back in the 1920s, when it was still possible to purchase and build on land attached to Yosemite's backyard. A lot where Roosevelt stayed and woman were originally forbidden, and has since become an elite vacation spot to a mere 30 very lucky members currently holding cabin keys. The only reason we were so fortunate is because Mike's father has serviced the property's fire extingushers for the past 30 years, with an open cabin for a week a year as trade, and this year, they kindly offered us one for our family to stay in as well.

But, there is a little story behind it.

Per my last post: "I'm taking a break because I need to get stuff done" was exactly what we had in mind for the days ahead. Deciding to skip the trip we had originally planned on because of all the "stuff" we had going on. Let's get caught up. We'll go next year. For sure. Too much going right now, is what we concluded -- A reasonable decision we had both come to except after days of mulling over the fact of it, despite having promised ourselves this would be the year we finally made it back up there (we went as a dating couple many years ago) However, breaking the same news to a six year old proved sorely outside of the "ration" we had come to settle on, and landed straight into a full fledged screaming fit tinged with good 'ole fashioned heartache, and bitter raw resentment. In the midst of it, we realized he was right. Why couldn't all the other things wait, why should we miss out on something so special, with family, in this surreal setting that other people would give their right arm to experience. So, we packed up and ditched every single obligation on our plate. Tossed our clothes in a filthy car, grabbed some fruit and sandwiches and headed up the 395. The drive was long. The kids were loud and the dog was great (except for that little incident when we all jumped out of the car at the gas station in bishop and he locked us out, costing us 65 dollars in towing assistance and an hour lost on the road)

It was incredible. In those few days we watched Arlo fish with his grandpa. See the boys learn about catch and release, rainbow trout, lava rocks, volcanos, stacking stones, checkers, and brand new card games. We took naps, went to breakfast, walked back and forth to that big beautiful lake, ate dinner with his parents, and watched Rex toss pebbles into the water and Leon complain about a missing flashlight all day long. It was the best. And Yosemite was just beyond what I (or these photos) could possibly begin to try and explain. Magnificent in all it's huge, striking gray granite glory. Too big for regular people with regular words to even start to tackle without sounding like pathetically failing poets. I won't try, except to say that it was well worth the headache we came back to, struggling to get back ahead of all that we jumped shipped on.

It will happen. It always does. But at least we can now remember that this year, the first of Fall was met in that gorgeous little home in the woods watching the sun fall behind the water, and not in a shady garage watching dad run power tools and mom sweep the floors.

Thanks Arlo.
For the push.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This week we are swamped. By school activities, and party plans, dr. apts, etsy orders, baseball, home projects, and laundry (laundry, let's face it, is always against me)

Taking the week off from the blog to recharge, reorganize and pull it together. Wish me luck?

Hope your own week is a good one.


pretty home corner found here

Friday, September 14, 2012


Yesterday Leon turned four. A milestone he's been anticipating for months. Because he is having a full blown party - a party that he planned entirely, inviting everyone from the del taco drive through cashier, to the custodian at Arlo's school - at the end of the month, we kept the celebration to a minimal. Candles in Reece's cups for breakfast and later cupcakes in the afternoon at school with Grandma, his cousin and Rex. He was so excited to be "King for a Day" at preschool. We sat in and watched them sing songs and give thanks in prayer for their special treats. It was so neat to watch him interact as a student, and a leader there in a setting otherwise unknown to us. We are so proud of our boy. He has always been an incredibly sweet, odd little baby, who's always done everything in his own time, in his own way. No matter what, he's always been his own person and I think everyone in his life admires that most about him.

He is my sweetest boy. He is my most polite boy. He is the funniest person I know without meaning to be. He is handsome and kind. He tells his pillow he loves it at night, and tells me I am pretty daily, and he looks up to his big brother more than Arlo will probably ever know.

And now, he is four.
And he is pretty darn happy about it.

Happy birthday Leon Thomas.
Party countdown starts now.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Scenes from a weekend // Seven Oaks Resort

 Angelus (near lake arrowhead)

So our little bus made it up the mountain - It's very first trip since we bought it a few months back, and it did just fine. Exciting to think of all the new places it might go from here. Now that we know it's able and willing.

This weekend felt like a dream. These kinds of camp scenarios I imagined only existed in the backwoods of some far off, unmarked territories. Not the case, it turns out. Parked just above the river, nestled among a heap of shady pines with a big group of friends in honor of an end of summer wedding celebration we enjoyed some light rain, the boys fished and hiked until the storm took shape and the thunder set in. Leon hid (with tears) until it was through. After the ceremony it was music at the campfire, roasted marshmallows and wine.

A perfect way to properly christen the combi I'd say.

Can't wait to get back.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stuck On

We Go To and Fro 

My friend Denise (whom I mentioned in previous posts as new kin and inspiration to me) just recently started documenting life on the go, with her two ridiculously cute girls and husband in tow. They really are such a good, solid family. And so much fun to be around. Full of all kinds of spontaneous road travels and dreamy day trip adventures. Denise also happens to home school the girls, and is an incredible photographer to boot, so every aspect of her day-to-day routine is nothing short of spectacular.

Do yourself a favor, head on over & meet the Bovees.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

scenes from a weekend // labor day

We live on a good street. 

It's the kind of street where people look out for one another. Neighbors drop in to check on sick children, pass plates across the fence during late night bbqs, offer rides and coordinate carpools. Gladly lend eggs or whatever ingredients might be missing from the fridge during those last minute recipes we tend to come across mid week. They scold and encourage our children when the need it, teach them different things than they know at home. They host sleep overs and holiday parties. Pumpkin carve outs and Valentine bake dates. On weeknights, when the weather is warm and the sun sits low we all sit out on the curb and watch the kids play ball or chase each other around the culdesac on their scooters. Leon routinely professes his love to the tiny blond across the street, driving a pink monster truck with an attitude bigger than any four year old I've known, while Arlo challenges all the boys to race and Rex wrestles every gosh darn every dog on the block. 

It's a good street. Full of all kinds of people. From all kinds of places who genuinely care about the people they live alongside. And we are very lucky because of it. 

As tradition goes, every Labor Day we throw a big block party. Jumpers, music, food, beer pong and snow cones. This year we invited the Bovee's to join us for the party. It was a nice night. Full of laughter and chaos. Another successful gathering rooted in that old school "let's get stuff together for the kids" mentality. 

A simple notion that seems sadly lost on too many streets these days, wouldn't you say?

Hope your holiday was nice too.