Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This year I let the boys choose their own costumes. I did not try to bribe or persuade them in the least, like in recent years where Leon as Bob's Big Boy, Rex as a big yellow duck and Arlo as Harry Potter (and and Indian, and a robot before that) were more than 'slightly' influenced by mom. This year it was all them. I figured they are now at an age where they should be encouraged to pick something based on their current interests, which made it that much more enduring to see what they actually decided on. If you knew these boys, you'd know that each of these costumes reflects their personalities to a tee. 

As far as events go, we had so many. Maybe too many. . .

First up, the elementary school hosted their annual trunk -n- treat. We decked out the bus and stocked up on buckets, and buckets of candy, parked and ate burgers while passing out the goods. It was non stop and a lot of work but we ended up scoring first prize, not - I'm convinced - because of the stuffed flannel dummies slummed in the backseat or the floating skulls soaked in neon colored dry ice jugs bubbling over the sink, but more because of Tom Waits and the ever erie sounds of Bone Machine (our signature Halloween soundtrack) That, mixed with the towering grim reaper probably did the trick. Or that's my guess anyway.  

Our street also hosted it's own pumpkin carving party with sheets of big plastic lining the driveways and people armed with all kinds of fancy slicing tools and tracing patterns. Our crew kept it simple. Basic jack 'o lanterns is all I know. When we were through emptying the pumpkins we enjoyed pizza and decorated a cart filled with cupcakes. It was a nice night with neighbors and new friends. We are lucky in the way that holidays on this street are always a good time. 

The following day we had Leon's preschool festival. A darling carnival filled with all kinds of games and prizes a'plenty. The boys went home with bags full of their winnings and new costumes they won at the cake walk. In fact, Rex is sleeping in his power ranger one now. 

This afternoon was the tail end of it. I made it over to Arlo's class this for a couple hours to help with crafts, a party, and a very sweet parade around the school grounds. By far my favorite event of them all. 

Now the house is napping. Gearing up for the trick 'r treating that will cap the season. I'm exhausted. But my wolf makeup skills are sharp and my coffee is brewing, so I'll be ready.

Wishing everybody a fantastic Halloween spent with your own little ghouls. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Said Anne Sexton

“Once I was beautiful. Now I am myself,
Counting this row and that row of moccasins
Waiting on the silent shelf.” 

Scenes From a Weekend // Breakfast with the Beatles

Somehow every year I manage to forget just how hectic and non-stop the holiday season really is with three kids. This weekend was a fierce reminder. With multiple Halloween festivals, one pumpkin carving party and Mike's birthday squeezed into three days, by Sunday evening we were all spent.

Don't get me wrong, it was all a lot of fun, and we even managed to snag first place at Arlo's trunk or treat for our *spooky bus mobile decor (which he is very proud of, by the way) but for me the best part of the weekend was a brief breakfast outing in the bus listening to the Beatles's brunch that plays every Sunday. Leon is a big fan these days so he was most excited to learn "Three Cool Cats." Down the street for bagels and coffee is typically the highlight of our weekend mornings, but in the midst of all the chaos, it felt especially nice to get out for a long quiet drive. 

*Plenty of cute Halloween pictures to share mid week!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stuck On:

Sally Jane Vintage

So many cute sweaters and old wool skirts.
This shop makes me eager for a long case of sweater weather.

Great selection, and I must confess to one impulse buy here already.

Remember When . . .

Leon up and decided, after finally accepting that his beloved Brobee costume was sold out, that he would just as well moonlight as a good 'ol fashioned circus clown, complete with a big red wig and oversized polka dotted bowtie that made us laugh hysterically when he put it on in that creepy, overpriced costume store where people started flocking around us to see what all the noise was about, and then stumbling upon the site of him (in that perfectly ridiculous wig) started laughing alongside of us, making everyone, including Leon, believe that this was in fact the very best choice he could possibly make?

Brobee who?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Scenes from a Weekend // Home

A slow weekend around this house. 

We really didn't get out much, partly because of the awful string of headaches I've been suffering through this month (we missed out on this incredible party Friday night because I wasn't feeling well) as well as the teepee orders that have been pouring in the past couple months that we are struggling to fulfill in a somewhat timely manner. Getting harder and harder to keep up with, so we're hoping to find help soon to ensure that we are able to provide product through the holidays without scarifying the quality of our own Christmas activities. It's a busy month, I don't want to loose out on any traditions or events because of the added work, so fingers crossed we get ahead of the curve before it's too late.

Other than that, we are back to the grind this week. Gearing up for all the school activities happening over the next few days. One of which I am especially excited for because it involves turing our bus into a spook mobile for Arlo's annual school trunk r' treat. We've already nailed some good ideas to make it rightfully ghoulish. Off to the dollar store tomorrow for some loot!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Guest Post

Over at First Came Love where Alyce is busy enjoying the sweet bliss of her brand new baby girl, Riley Liv. The days go by so fast, we all know how quickly they grow those first few weeks so she's asked for has a little help with the blog while she soaks it all in. 

Please stop over and say hello. It's a beautiful space filled with constant and solid inspiration from a Brooklyn gal with very fine taste in just about everything. 

Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Like You

I'm a sucker for election fervor. Always have been. This song in particular is one of my favorites in regards to dueling political bar spats and genius rhymes. Plus I have a little crush on Hayes Carll.

Scenes From a Weekend // Natural History Museum

The past weekend was a full one. Saturday we celebrated with friends and family at my sister's 30th birthday (a nice little house party) And Sunday we tagged along with my friend Courtney, her son, and her ever gracious "family pack" museum passes that allowed our entire group in for free. 

I must say, as much as I love these kinds of outings, taking all three boys in the past has proven a bit more than I bargained for so, to say the least, so I was entirely shocked to see that despite a few loud (cringe worthy) meltdowns, it was really kind of "OK." In fact, we made it through 5 hours roaming the grounds of the Natural History Museum in downtown L.A in pretty decent moods, the boys enjoyed a pumpkin patch & art booth, a pretty great T Rex theater production, lunch in the cafe, and plenty of those long incredible dark rooms with the stuffed animals glaring under those bright lit boxes posed in their natural habitat. My favorite. I could sit there all day. And for some reason, I always feel like I'm in the middle of a Wes Anderson film while doing. Obviously not a bad thing. 

As for the season, gosh it seems to be racing by. I feel like I can't quite keep up but then I remind myself that it's forever this way during this time of year. A constant battle to keep on top of it all, the crafts, the school stuff, the parties, the birthdays, holiday events, ect. Juggling calendar dates while trying to take it all in and enjoy these fleeting moments as a family. It's tough. And exciting. And well worth the extra stress.

And really, I can't wait for Halloween. 

EDIT:  Man, I'd be a fool to not mention that we just so happened to be there for the Shuttle's resting. It's going to be parked in a neighboring museum for the next five years I understand so we all got to see the Endeavor rolling in. It was bigger and better than I ever even imagined. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Funny how a three dollar pumpkin will lift your spirits. This week has been long one, with low points and somber moods. Particularly because of some sad news regarding beloved staff members at Arlo's school. In one week we've lost an extremely vibrant, outstanding principle (who was forced to resign suddenly due to rapidly ailing health issues) and then Arlo's chess teacher lost his wife unexpectedly on Monday night, leaving behind a very bright sweet six year old little girl whom Arlo constantly boasts to be the "nicest girl in class." These losses weigh on all of us. And naturally makes whatever minor irritations we have in our own lives feel rightfully trite in comparison.

In spite of low moods we decided to get out of the house yesterday and take a trip to Trader Joes to pick out our pumpkins. A simple lot with a surprisingly impressive mix and variety, all for 3 bucks. Arlo scoured the bins untill he found what he believed to be the "perfect pumpkin," Rex was quick to choose the weirdest, most misshapen one of the bunch and Leon, in typical Leon fashion, begged me to pick his, because apparently my opinion counts more than anything else.

Later we had dinner at home and watched the Charlie Brown pumpkin special - which I'm pretty sure I adore far more than any one of them. But, it's tradition.

As far as the lull in inspiration goes, I decided to stop over thinking things and simply post as I please. Easy as that.

In other news, it rained today. Making us think Fall is here to stay.

Thanks again for your words of encouragement. I do quite appreciate it.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I have been feeling oddly uninspired here on this little blog of mine. And blogs in general for that matter. A slipping interest I noticed happening over the past few months or so. I figured it would surely pass, as it usually does. But. It hasn't. 

Last weekend, while sitting with friends on the beach at sunset I realized something that still bothers me today - the realization that as this big electric sun was falling into the horizon setting the sky ablaze with neon streaks above the ocean, I was far more concerned with wanting to capture the moment for a thousand strangers to see (via Instagram) rather than simply digesting it for myself, the way I have so many times before, in years past when camera phones and Istagram did not exist. I actually didn't have my phone handy, so it hurt a bit to let it go "unnoticed" even if I was there as enchanted witness in my own right. 

It got me thinking... 

So much in my life connected with the Internet these days is starting to propped, forced, or downright false in nature. Thing is, I need to be here, we're in the midst of creating a business that thrives online, a business I find exciting and fulfilling in every aspect, and one that obviously requires it's fair share of Internet support and consideration to fully evolve, but I'm wondering how to go about it with some kind of tact and integrity, that doesn't get on my nerves (or worse, everybody else's) because lately, seems everywhere I turn someone is selling something: themselves, their craft, a new business venture, ect, and it's really starting to wear on me. Be it glorified family life or a newly crafted creation, it's hard to find anything that looks and feels genuine to the core anymore as far as blogs go. 

And, is that even possible? 

Obviously those of us who keep personal blogs have an innate sense of image we wish to cultivate in this weird little cyber world, where there are egos involved and politics at play and all the stuff that will ultimately undermine pure, raw creative intentions, and I get it. I'm not excluded myself in the least, I'm simply saying that I think I need to take more time and consideration as to what I want this space to be. What I post, what I share and how I do it so that I don't give up on the blog all together seeing that that's really my only other option.

I try to remind myself of my initial reasons for starting the blog: to share the beauty in my daily life as a stay at home mother getting use to life in a suburban household caring for these three wild boys when just before this suburban settlement, I was in college, studying to be an English teacher, which meant I was consumed with mind altering books and fiery conversations with passionate people about art and politics. A constant state of inspiration rooted in new knowledge and fine texts. I loved it. The blog was my way of keeping a creative outlet flowing. In some way or another. I have always taken pictures of my family and made videos of our lives, now I had a place to share them with an incredibly supportive group of like minded folks in the same stage of life. Overall, it's been a perfectly happy spot. I just have to figure out how to keep it that way.

From now on I might take some time to figure it all out. I am not feeling especially eager lately about documenting every aspect of our family and our highlights so I might be more sporadic in my postings and maybe even more wordy(!) - seeing that until now, I've never really taken the time to actually "Write," like I love, figuring the images spoke for me. We'll see. 

Hopefully my mid-day rambles don't make you cringe. Not at all my intention. I just thought voicing these new concerns might help me work through them in some way so that I can continue to care about this space they way I always have. 

Thanks you kindly for listening. 

Much love,

noted inspiration and big thanks to these always eloquent gals and theses posts for making me "think it over"//  Milla & Naurnie