Wednesday, January 23, 2013

At the Park

We sat met the Bovees for lunch. Snacked on chips and seaweed. 
Calmed countless tantrums and worked out quarrels struck on lollipop issues. 
Rode new skateboards and watched Jack chase those big white pelican around the lake.
Played hide & seek. Sardines, and kick ball.
We stayed till dusk, watched the sun set.
Had our cars jumped by the nice ranger with a peculiar look on his face, noting the two of us with dead cars and a backseat full of cranky kids.

We drove home and warm took baths to wash away that dirty park smell, ate dinner with friends and enjoyed the tail end of the inauguration and then fell fast asleep with sun drenched visions of a bright January day with friends and new toys, and wild dogs and those big white pelicans settling inside our midnight dreams.

It was a good day. 

And we have the sun burns to prove it. 


  1. A perfect day. That last shot is my favorite, all loaded up with warm afternoon light.

    xox Lilly

  2. I always love you pictures, and I love it that there are always other kids playing around with your kids, I really wish, once I have kids, I'll also live in that kind of neighborhood, so my kids will have a lot of playmates.

    1. thank you Ayu. We really are constantly surrounded by stragglers, kids coming and going, tagging along and such. That's how we were raised and it's so much fun. I just wish I had a bigger car :/

  3. Such gorgeous photos. I can almost feel the warmth. It was -9 here on Monday. :(

    1. oh Maria, I cannot even comprehend 9 degrees. I almost froze up solid when it hit 45 here . . .

  4. I recently came across your instagram account and I saw a picture of a beautiful tree-lined street. I thought to myself..."Why can't I live somewhere that looks like that?" And then after doing a little stalking..I mean reading..I realized that I DO live somewhere that looks like that. (Well, at least will live there soon; My husband and kids and I are in the process of purchasing a house and relocating to Corona from Huntington Beach.) I had been really nervous about the move, having preconceived notions about Corona, but after reading your blog and looking at your beautiful photos, I'm actually really excited about it. Especially after seeing all of the gorgeous parks and open spaces you take your kids to. And when I saw the picture of the banjo...forget about it. :) Thank you for calming my silly fears about moving to Corona. I look forward to reading your blog and discovering fun things about our new city.

    Would you mind telling me what park this is? I'd love to take my kids there someday.

    1. HI Cole,

      I kept meaning to reply to this and I guess it got away from me, but I wanted to say hello! And welcome you to this side of town :) I know it has it's pitfalls, and it is 30+ miles to the ocean, but I've lived here all my life and I've had some really great experiences. I don't know that we'll always live here, but for now, we are quite content with the schools, the parks, the friends and family we have around us.

      Let me know once you get here, I'd love to meet up. Oh, and the park in this post is prado park. not too far and so lovely.