By the Hillside

The hills behind our home let us forget that we are tucked so tightly inside that quiet little suburban confine / community, built on top of land where so many wild animals use to inhabit only a handful of years ago, before the machines and architects all pushed them out. There are big dusty roads that lead to trails that take you up to the top of a big green mountain where the land is lined with pines, and then half way hidden houses of all shapes and sizes nestled deep along the hillside. We hear people talk of coyote sightings and rattlesnakes lurking along the brush. They say the land was notoriously manned  by various Indian tribes and that the burial site is still there. Somewhere. If you care to investigate. We don't. But we sure do enjoy the whispers of history that still float around that space. 

We take walks and skip rocks, and the boys run mad like wild geese along the fields. 
If even for an hour. . .

It's a neat escape. A quiet mid week break that I realized last week we should visit more often.  A little slice of 'country' right in our backyard.

Also,  I saved my favorite photo from the day for You Are My Wild posting on Tuesday morning. Swing by and take a look if you have a chance. So many great photos to drop in and visit on a weekly basis.