we spent all of October and November complaining about the awful heat waves that kept interrupting our sweet fall festivities, and now, it's January, 45 degrees, and we're freezing. While I'm enjoying the boy's in their super cute winter sweaters, I'm regretting the fact of my own slim winter wardrobe attire. Socks. And boots. I need both.  

a spring trip to the Grand Canyon! It's been almost 12 years since I've been and the boy's are now old enough where I think it will be good fun for everyone. I'm hoping to book the train ride we took into town when we were there last. And a fun, cheap motel. 

This Blog. Great style and beautiful photos from this fashion and lifestyle photographer documenting both her professional and personal journeys in and around L.A and beyond. Check it out!

Take this Waltz on netflix instant. It's a quirky, smart film directed by Sarah Polley about the trials of young marriage and the issues that arise from the feeling that "something is missing." Full of great music and filmed in super exposed 'Instagramish' rich tones and starring Michelle Williams - who in my opinion - is fail proof these days. I've already watched it twice*

In having a second car back. It was a long two weeks without my jeep filled with lots of phone calls requesting milk and other random groceries from Mike on his way home from work almost daily (which didn't always fair well - seeing that he is not fully aware of the regular brands we stick to) But, it was nice to stick around home for a bit, and we did enjoy those cold walks to school in morning and the VW bus rides around town as a family. Felt very 1970's housewife waiting for her husband to get home to bring the milk home and take a drive around town. But then it started to feel plain boring. 

to this song over & over & over again for the past two months now. I don't care. It's good. Really good. And not one of us is tired of it yet. 

This book. A refreshing take on the fashion industry written in a voice I liked immediately. 

For a pizza dinner tonight. Seems that's what we do these days with our Friday nights. 

*the baby talk in this movie was sort of grating on my nerves, but I suppose it shows the play between them as a couple. The only part of the movie that made me cringe a bit. I can't do baby talk. Especially between adults.